Grave Impact

Grave Impact

Book 1: Hot Crime in the City Series

As Josie Price steps into the high-stakes world of the LAPD, she discovers the badge isn’t just about chasing criminals; it’s about navigating the intricate web of personalities—each with their own moral compasses. When a teenage girl becomes entangled in a web of blackmail spun by an organized shoplifting ringleader, Josie’s ethics are put to the test.

A police officer’s murder during a heist escalates the intense search for the shoplifting crew and their leader. When the teenage girl goes missing, a chilling revelation ignites a killing spree, and the clock ticks mercilessly as Josie races to locate the teen before she becomes the next victim.

In this gripping police procedural, Josie Price must tread carefully through the murky waters of her colleagues’ varied ideals while facing her own demons in trying to rescue the girl and halt her chilling descent into darkness.

Authentic Crime…Arresting Stories told by an award-winning retired LAPD officer.


Grave Ambition is the short story prequel to Grave Impact, and you can download it for FREE at BookFunnel.

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